Relationships examined through 6 areas

In this article I have list 6 factors (Temple Columns) what we can use when viewing our relationships. What kind of match we are to each other in our relationships?

What we need and where we need to focus to create healthy, healing and lasting, balanced joyful relationship, one kind of Palace of relationship? What areas are most important to each of us. All of us have different deeds.

Birdstyle relationships

Here are 6 areas

1. Life habit, one rhytm of life, dreams and creation
Nutrition, work, free time habits, hobbies)

2. Physical connection and synchrony
Body, touch, movement.

3. Expressive communication
Fluency of expression, understanding each other and humor.

4. Sexual interaction
Magnetism between each other, sex, charm between, arousal/get exited, sexual synchrony and understanding/accept.

5. Energetic connection
Communication between souls, telepathy, connections from previous, past lives.

6. Age difference spiritually
Spiritual, mental growth phase, mental and spiritual ability, abilitys to face and deal with own mental process.

Swan in relationships has only one partner through life

How these 6 areas match between two individual? What areas are in strong synchrony and what needs attention to be developed?

Relationship cause confused feelings

Sometimes it might be that we met “perfect match” type but in side we experience and feel incongruity or some kind of confused. We might feel that we are still looking for different kind of passion. Usually in these cases we might have something “inside work”, mental work to do:

It might be that there is some negative beliefs or trauma in our system, what show up through those feelings. This cause imbalance. Aware people can usually identify these and are capable do the inner work. That way they have full possibility to enjoy those “perfect match” what Life is offering to them.

I hope I can give you inspiration trough this article. Thankyou for your time to read this. It matters and you are valuable. Life needs you as you are.

Good example to view differences between two people in relationships is 5 love languages, click to see more.

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